Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bad boyfriends.

I think that all girls can agree that boys are stupid. Sometimes. Or most of the time. But I think these ladies need better boys in their life because they totally wore the Boyfriend Blazer all wrong. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two from these bad blazer outfits and get yourself a better man (jacket).

Bad Boyfriends
Poshhhhh!! How could you?! Here is the "fashionable" Victoria Beckham. She has been known as the most fashionable out of all of the Spice Girls, but she looks awful in this outfit! She's sporting the "cool mom" look, for sure. First of all, notice the red carpet?! I have no idea what even this is, but it doesn't matter! As soon as you set foot onto that red carpet, you're going to be judged critically by who you are and what/who you're wearing. By the looks of this outfit, it looks like Posh is just wearing some jeans from GAP, a blazer from JcPenny, and a Hanes t-shirt. Now, don't get me wrong I love GAP, JcPenny, and Hanes, but like I said before - NOT red carpet labels. I honestly don't even know what I could do to fix this outfit besides taking it all off and starting a new one. I've always looked up to Mrs. Beckham as a fashion icon, but this is just a fashion flub. No need to spice up your life, Posh. It's time to spice up your wardrobe.

This is Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova. What she's doing at the Country Music Awards in 2009, I don't know. But maybe it was a better idea to stay home if you were going to wear this, Karolina. The Boyfriend Blazer is a part of an outfit, not the entire outfit!! It's too obvious that this is supposed to be solely a jacket not a dress! Believe me, this jacket is a nice one, but don't you think it's a little boring with it as just a dress? I'm imagining a pretty, pale pink, ruffled dress underneath this jacket. The boots are PERFECTION. Now use some of that modeling skills to wear some designer things, Karolina.

Enough of the bad boys. Now here's a good boyfriend.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

who needs a boyfriend when you've got a blazer?

Spring 2010 Fashion Trend #3: The Boyfriend Blazer 

louis vuitton

(left to right) emanuel ungaro, christian lacroix, jill stuart
(left to right) dvf, tracy reese, tracy reese

Don't just grab your boyfriend's blazer out of his closet! The Boyfriend Blazer is a very special article of clothing that can make a statement in an outfit. The thing about the Boyfriend Blazer is that even though it's supposed to look like a piece of men's clothing, it's fitted for a woman. The most fashionable to wear the Boyfriend Blazer this spring is with shorts, a dress, or a skirt. I think that this look could work for practically any environment: a day at the office, a day at school, or a night on the town. You'll look fashion-forward, chic, and relaxed at the same time. The thing about menswear is that you have to throw in an element of girlie into the outfit. Because if you don't, you'll end up look a bit androgynous. You're trying to for high fashion and stylish, not confused and cross-dressing. So throw in some ruffles, lace, bows, etc. so you don't lose yourself completely to the boy jacket. But seriously, girls, this article of menswear is a staple piece for this spring and summer. Don't be caught without one!

A few things to keep in mind about the blazer:

1. Go oversized! It is called the "Boyfriend Blazer"for a reason! It's as if your boyfriend was lending you his blazer. And mind you, your boyfriend is a little small because it really shouldn't be extremely large. You don't want to look like you bench 150.

2. Roll up your sleeves. This makes the outfit look more relaxed and less planned out. Whenever you dress yourself, you want to give the illusion that you don't try at all, when in reality you've been planning this outfit for weeks. Also, by exposing your wrists makes you seem very feminine.

Here's an outfit I threw together for the boyfriend blazer. I'm digging this website...
the boyfriend blazer

Monday, April 19, 2010

the bee's knees.

Spring 2010 Trend #2: Knee High or Over-the-Knee Socks
alexander wang spring/summer 2010 collection
tracy reese

To be honest, I've always loved this trend. Ever since I was a little girl, I thought that knee high socks were the cutest thing in the world. I secretly wanted to be a Catholic School girl just so I could wear some. And you know what, in 2007, it happened. My dream of being a Catholic School girl came true when I was sent to Catholic school in 7th grade. But that's not the point of this post.

Here I'm going to tell you some simple guidelines when picking out those knee high socks!

1. Like I said before: knee high socks made me think of a Catholic School girl. But, in reality, that's not the look that you really want to go for. You want to go for hip, high fashion, and hot. Therefore, when matching up some socks with a skirt, avoid plaid prints. If not, you'll go straight to fashion hell.

2. Find the right length of socks for you. If you have more muscular thighs, don't get thigh high socks or they're bring more attention to those strong thighs of yours. Try some socks that hit right below your knee for it creates a more flattering line of your leg.

3. If you're short (like me), go for the knee highs and pair them up with a shorter hemline. Show some leg, girl! Because the shorter sock and shorter hemline create the illusion of having legs that are a mile long. What shorty wouldn't want that. General rule: don't pick a hemline that is longer than mid-thigh.

4. If it's a little chilly out, go for some knitted socks! But avoid chunky knits because they were sooooo 2007.

5. My favorite fashion trend: knee high socks over tights. I've done it before, and I felt absolutely chic. Experiment with different colors and textures of socks to go over some sheer, patterned tights. And I promise, you will look fab.u.lous.

I found this really cool website called Polyvore where it lets you create your own looks with different pieces of clothing from different stores! So, here's the knee-high sock outfit that I created. I threw in another spring fashion trend in there, can you figure what it is?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

you have be thin to be in.

Recently, I have posted a couple profiles of a couple of my favorite models. I went googly eyed over their tall, slender, nearly perfect bodies. And I'm going to be completely honest: I became envious. Looking at these girls, I couldn't help but wish that I was several inches taller and had a few less inches around the waist. Ever since the 1990's, the extremely thin look for fashion has been "in" thanks to British model Kate Moss.

Skinny here. Skinny there. Everywhere you looked, there was a slim girl that was considered gorgeous. In the past, so many girls have been turned down my model agencies for being "too big" and were told to lose weight to be ever be considered again. Many models are incredibly under-weight, but some designers could care less about their health and cared more if they would even fit into the outfits in their collection. When I was little, I was only skin and bones. I was the skinniest little girl you would've seen thanks to my rapid metabolism. But as I grew older, it slowed down, therefore, making me gain a few pounds. And all girls know that the older you get, the more self-conscious you get about the way you look. So as my love for fashion grew, I started flipping through the big-girl fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Nylon, etc., and the images of the tiny waisted girls wouldn't go away!

I think that girls in my generation are put under a lot of pressure from the fashion industry and media to be this super skinny, cookie-cutter, trendy kind of girl. And I think that this is the one single thing that I hate about the fashion industry. The true fact is that most high fashion models are naturally skinny. Most of them don't have or never even had an eating disorder. Many of them are just built with a tiny frame and a very small percentage of fat on their bodies. Yet girls across the world are striving for that 23" waistline.

But in reality, is this considered to be "gorgeous" or "perfect"?

Not only am I having a fit with these several accusations of eating disorders existing in the fashion industry, but the Council for Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has also created plans to educate and bring awareness to eating disorders that exist in the fashion world. So times are changing!! Many designers, such as Nicole Miller, are requiring that models that would like to model their fashion lines have to have a certain BMI (body mass index). This encourages many models to live a healthy life style if being a model is really what they want to do. At fashion shows, designers are even requiring food to be kept backstage for the models to eat.

So, all of you that despise the fashion industry for making this false image of girls, I was right there with you. But this the great news I've chosen to tell you that all is well in the fashion world.
Now stop starving yourselves and get on the treadmill and eat healthier instead!

Here's what I have to say: I think that beauty is more than what is on the outside. Someone is truly beautiful when they are comfortable and confident in their own skin. Don't let the judgment of too many opinions lower your self-image. Love your body because it's the only one you've got for the rest of your life!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

r'el dade.

This lovely lady is R'el Dade. I actually just discovered her recently, and she is a girl to watch out for on the runway!! Her interesting look has been described as "alien-like", but that look has landed her several shows with Valentino, Dior, Armani, and Lela Rose. My favorite things about her are her uniquely shaped face, far apart eyes, and perfectly pouty lips. She stands at a height of 5'11" and a waist-line of 23". What's new?
Here is R'el walking for Brian Reyes.
Here she is at Lela Rose's Spring Collection show for this year. Let me just say that this color looks absolutely fabulous on her! She's totally working it because of her gorgeous skin tone.
This was taken at the 2009 New York Fashion Week Marc by Marc Jacobs show in September. She totally rocks that head-wrap.
And there is that cute fashion sense that models have. It's the little black dress that every girl needs in her wardrobe.

Friday, April 16, 2010

fake n' bake.

In my post about prom, I added my two-cents about how I feel about tanning beds. Let me refresh your memory...BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD. Just don't do it. Sure, you can say that I'm a little biased because I have a permanent caramel color glow to my skin, but you just can't do that to your body! Why am I talking about tanning in a fashion blog, you ask? Because in the 1920's, top designer Coco Chanel announced that being tan was "in". Ever since then, society has put it into their heads that being tan = being fashion forward, trendy, hip, radical, etc. etc. Why am I talking about how bad tanning beds are when I haven't even laid in one before, you ask? It's because I do research: both observation and Google-ing. So here's what I have to say about you sun soakers...

Tanning is your body's reaction the UV (ultra-violet) rays that the sun emits onto the earth. There are these little cells in your skin called melanocytes produce a brown pigment called melanin which makes the epidermis (that's a fancy word for your skin, my friend) turn a darker shade. (or in several cases orange. We know we've all seen it before.) So, I bet your asking: "why is getting your epidermis a few shades darker so bad for you?" Well, listen up my little chickadees, these dandy UV rays DAMAGE your epidermis cells' DNA. And even though our bodies do amazing things for us everyday, such as allowing us to breath, think, eat, etc. , the DNA of your skin is hard to repair, therefore, leaving an everlasting damage on your precious little skin cells. Not sound convincing enough to get you out from under those hot beds? Don't worry, I've got more...

One word: MUTATIONS. This word might make you think of an alien, a two-headed cat, or even the ninja turtles, but does it make you think of something like this?
Instead of giggling at how it's kind of shaped like a turtle, think about this dark blob on your arm, your leg, or even your face! Those little freckles and moles can turn into these bad boys when you lay out under the sun for an hour or two. The constant exposure to UV rays will cause persistent damage on your skin cells creating mutations in the DNA. Mutations lead to over growth of cells. Which means cancer. Tanning is the main causing factor of skin cancer. Coco Chanel might have thought tanning was beautiful, but I wonder if she thought about the beauty of skin cancer, eh?

Now, a few people will argue that tanning beds are "safer", thus going to a tanning bed rather than waiting for a good day to lay out in the backyard. People that operate the tanning beds will argue that the rays in the bed are "controlled", so they can turn it down to a "safe" amount of sun. But the truth is, most tanning salons ignore the "safe" amount of UV rays and turn up that baby as high as you want. It's burning you to a crisp! Studies upon studies upon studies have shown that tanning beds actually increase the chances of damage to your skin. Also, I heard somewhere that tanning beds causes permanent damage to your ovaries, ladies. So, if you're ever planning on having children, stay away from those beds of death! Unless you want mutant ninja turtle children...(I totally didn't mean to connect the mutations, ninja turtles, and the turtle shaped bit of skin cancer, but it works!)

So, I've convinced you to get out from under the sun and bright tanning bed lights, but you still want that tan for the prom? What I have to say is: don't bake it, fake it. There are hundreds of self-tanning mousses, creams, and bronzing lotions that will give you that lovely tan without the damage of the sun! I've done my research and found this lovely line of many different self tanning products called St. Tropez. They've got some delightful things that will get rid of your tanning woes and get you glowing. But yet again, I'd be careful when dealing with these spray/lotion/cream tans because some of them can turn too orange. You want to glow not grow like a carrot.

Here are just a few more things to keep in mind to prevent skin cancer on those bright and sunny days:
-the sun is at its highest and strongest between 10am-4pm. Find some shade, quicker than a vampire.
-use an SPF of 15 or higher.
-use your awesome fashion sense! Get yourself a trendy wide brimmed hat and a cute pair of shades, and you're good to go!
-apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside/in the water. And don't forget to slather some on every hour or so to keep your skin protected.

(Most of this information is from:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

frida gustavsson.

I don't know how or when I came across this beautiful creature, but she quickly became one of my favorite high fashion models. Her name is Frida Gustavsson. She is quickly gaining recognition in the modeling world and has already modeled for famous designers such as Alexander McQueen and Valentino. She is your average model standing at 5'11" with a waistline of 23". Why is she one of my favorite models even though she is just another one of "them"? I think it's her bubbly personality mixed with those enormous eyes, high cheek bones, and pointy ears that stick out. She's a little different by being absolutely the same.

 Here is Frida on the runway for the Valentino Fall/Winter '09 show. When you have a chance, look up this show on YouTube or other because she is an angel on the catwalk.

Here she is in the Alexander McQueen Fall fashion show. That statement necklace (left) she has been put in works so well for her because of her long neck.
Not only can she work it on the runway, but Frida also has a cute, sweet, and trendy fashion style of her own. I find it so interesting what models wear when they're not on the runway. I would imagine that there would be a lot of pressure on you as a model to always look fashionable. But Frida doesn't seem to have a problem with that. And not to mention, she looks stunning in bright red lipstick!

Plus, she just has a charming personality.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

prom madness!

It's that time of the year, ladies and gentlmen!! It's prom season!!
Boys: get your guts together and ask that girl!
Girls: don't be too picky when it comes to the boy that asks you, the dress you wear, and where you'll eat. It's a special night, so don't make it complicated!!

There are so many prominent fashion trends for prom dresses this year, and I thought it would be a lovely idea for me to point them out to you, girls! Keep these trends in mind when you step into that dress store! Another tip - don't let the employees talk you into buying a dress that you don't initially like. When you find the dress, you will know that it's "the one". Most stores just want your money, so don't fall under the pressure of the salesperson. Stand up for your fashion rights!

Here we go!
On a side note - I'll try to incorporate all colors + lengths so that everyone can find something that they're looking for!

Prom Trend #1: One-Shouldered
marc bouwer glamit!
blu vintage
a.b.s. by allen schwartz

I am such a big fan of this trend!! I was determined to get a one-shouldered dress this year, so I did!! I think that this cut is especially flattering on anyone. This trend is so glamorous that I've seen it on several celebrities on the red carpet. The open neckline is open for a pretty simple necklace and dangling earrings. When it comes to an open neckline, go with dangling earrings, girls! It makes your neck appear longer and more delicious by the way they dangle along the curves of your neck. Spectacular.

Prom Trend #2: Bright Colors
laundry by shelli segal
blu vintage luxe
marc bouwer glamit!

Whenever I think of spring, I always think of bright colors!! Bright colors can be tricky though because you have to find the right one for your skin tone as well as hair color. I think that shades of green look great on blondes, while oranges and bright pinks look better on brunettes with darker skin tones. I always here about girls going out to the tanning bed to get the "perfect" tan for their prom dress, but DON'T DO IT!! Rather than spending even more money on a few hours frying your ovaries in a tanning bed, just buy a dress that will compliment your skin and hair color! (I'm totally against tanning beds, but I'll save that for a different blog...) Orange is such a hard color to find in a classy dress, as well as to pull off!! Very few people can really pull of a bright orange, so if you look good in it, props to you!!

Prom Trend #3: Structure
jessica mcclintock
betsey johnson
a.b.s. by allen schwartz

The fashion trends for prom seem to get more and more high fashion every year!! It's impressive!! Structure is very couture and avant-garde, but the intricate designs and structures are making their way into everyday, ready-to-wear designs. Jessica McClintock makes a beautiful pleating design with this dress. I love this dress so much because it really encorporates several prom/spring fashion trends: royal blue (soooo in for spring), one-shouldered, and structure. Superb! Betsey Johnson's designs are very well-known, and although many of her designs aren't "prom-worthy", I find this one very very very prom worthy. It's both fun and classy, and not the mention it is in such a sweet color!

Prom Trend #4: Psychedelic Patterns

bcbg max azria runway collection
promgirl (by allure)

blu vintage

I've never thought I'd see the day when pretty florals and psychadelic patterns would make it to prom night! This trend is perfect for the girl that loves to be the center of attention and dares to be different. This trend can be so classy and sophisticated if worn correctly. Top designers, such as Max Azria, are using this trend for their spring collections to create delighful designs! The biggest problem I always see with patterns is that girls tend to take away the power of the pattern with accessories! Girls, go simple on the jewelry! Simple diamond bracelet, necklace, and earrings. Please no chunky statement jewelry. It's fashion suicide.

So, you've got your dress. But what about accessories?!


miu miu


urban outfitters


I love accessories. I think that they complete any outfit. I, personally, am obsessed with earrings. I have a large collection of different kinds of dangling, hoop, and stud earrings for any occassion. And I think that no girl could ever have too much jewelry. I have a challenge for all you fashionistas this prom season: stray away from the typical choices of accessories. Stray away from the typical cubic zirconia necklace and studded bracelet. Don't you dare touch that plain black clutch. Go for the prints, sparkles, embellishments, and eclectic choices. When it comes to purses, go for a clutch. It's simple, sophisticated, and doesn't make you look like the bag lady that you really are. (Oh, come on, you know you're a bag lady. All girls are.) And if you aren't willing to pay mucho cash-o for these designer clutches, you can always take a trip to Target or Claire's and get something just as splendid! There's no shame in going for a good bargain! Same goes for jewelry. This GORGEOUS necklace by jardin would just be beautiful with any dress, honestly. But it is well over my prom budget. So after you drool over this beauty, head on over to Claire's and pick out a necklace that is pretty and affordable! The only piece of jewelry that I'm not really into is a bracelet. The only adornment you'll see on my wrist is an emergency hairband. But I'm really digging this gold braided bracelet from Urban Outfitters. I might have to get it to wear to my prom...

One last detail: Hair.


All up or all down? That is the question...One thing that I can say about this year's hair trends is that braids are the thing!! There are so many kinds of braids out there, so I wouldn't worry about not having a unique hairstyle. I would also say that the tousled/wavy/curly/bedhed kind of look is also in. I have naturally straight hair, so when it comes to curls, my hair will not behave. But if you're blessed with naturally curly hair or naturally obedient hair, then go for the curls and crimps. Rock those wavy locks!

Phew!! That was a lot of information in one post! But trust me, you'll thank me when your date won't be able to take his hands off of you, you'll be nominated as best dressed, and you'll feel beautiful all night.